Realtryck + Screenbolaget= a strong team

Realtryck is a subsidiary of Screenbolaget, one of the leading companies in profile advertising in Sweden. Together we are a comprehensive and strong supplier within advertising, print and Action Marketing. In the summer of 2013 Screenbolaget acquired Maxibit Worldwide AB. The Group has 61 employees and a turnover of about 110 million SEK.

Screenbolaget AB

Screenbolaget is one of the leading providers of promotional advertising and action marketing products. The company was established in the late 70s. Realtryck was acquired by the end of 2005. This brought offset printing as new production to the Group as well as key skills in graphic arts. In addition to offset printing, we have our own production of screen printing, digital printing, computerized film cutting, pad printing, embroidery and transfer printing. The company has production facilities in Stockholm.

Quick facts:
»Awarded the highest credit rating (AAA & UC Gold Seal)
»ISO-certified quality management, system and environment
»Members of FESPA (Screentryckarföreningen)
»REPA »Affiliated to SBPR (Swedish interest organization for Profile and Promotional Items)


Realtryck AB

Realtryck is one of the leading providers of Action Marketing Products. We are a modern offset printing company which prints on plastic, cardboard, micro-corrugated and paper. We are a supplier to some of the largest companies and most recognized brands so you will be in good company. On January 1st 2012 Dekaltryck and Realtryck merged. Realtryck and Dekaltryck were each strong in its niche and had a production where we complemented each other. The niches are printing on plastic and cardboard thicker than 400 g. Realtryck has a 70×100 cm UV-press and a 70×50 UV-press. Realtryck is prepared for the future in terms of technology and capacity, which means that we are a very strong player in the market.

Since June 2013 Screenbolaget and Realtryck are certified according to the ISO 9001 and 14001 standards.

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